Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Wow, that spiral staircase takes a long time to navigate when you are going down, down, down.

Why the fuck did I work so hard for so long only to throw it away so quickly?

I sat in a room of colleagues today cavalierly downing pizza. Then I went to the movies with Hannah where it was a bag of popcorn. Then to dinner for sushi and menchis for dessert.

What has happened to you, Elzer?

Get a grip, man!


  1. Welcome back, Steve! Does this recent post mean that we are going to climb up on the horse again? Oh, I do hope so ... You are made of sterner stuff than to just give it all away - a wasted year? No, you can't accept that, can you?
    Hoping to see more posts - soon ... ? You CAN do this, you know; you did it before.


  2. hello, world. i actually saw,(in person!), our elusive blogger last thursday. one thing is certain, he's got a cool car. i didn't do him any favors by sitting next to him at dinner, and taunting him with chave hermitage rouge. but, such is life. it's ok to sample the forbidden (in moderation), as long as you pay the exercise piper. so let me remind my dear friend, that we support you, from near and far. i know you want it, i know you are motivated, i know you can do it! otherwise...i'm coming for the car.

  3. Come back. You are an inspiration. I started reading your blog and got motivated to hit it hard sometime ago. I fell off for 6 weeks, but we don't have to stay off. Let's get back up and try again.

    You can do it!!!

  4. Hey Steve,

    So happy to see you blogging again. You motivated me to make some big changes and I've been running 5 days a week (14 miles last Saturday) and lost some extra lbs. Just start fresh, just start for a week and see what happens. Then do another week. School's back in session - get on the bus!!

    GO Steve GO!!


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