Saturday, January 31, 2009

The First Post on Facebook - Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Facebook Diet - DAY ONE

Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 11:16am

Late last year I posted a note that I planned to focus on my diet in 2009 and really take on the chronic issue of my weight.

I also said, either wisely or unwisely, that I was going to trek my progress on Facebook. Oye.

I guess in some weird way, I felt - aside from wanting and needing to change - coming clean in public would keep me motivated and honest. If one of my fellow FB friends in the office or around town saw me with a Crumbs or Sprinkles cupcake in my mouth or watched me down a piece of Apple Pan banana cream pie at one of the many office birthday celebrations, the guilt of the stare down, the finger waddle or the simple shake of the head would help put me back in the right frame of mind and on the right path.

SO... When 2009 began with a herniated disc that I am certain was complicated by my weight, the resolve intensified. There could be no more game playing.

After nearly a month of truly horrendous back issues and doctor visits and more time in bed than I have ever experienced in my life, I am starting anew. I had been conscious of dieting earlier this year and even dropped a few pounds just because of the circumstances with my bad back, but I would be a liar if I said I was on a diet and I was far from diligent. God, the Koji Taco truck alone is enough to send a guy like me into a food trance complete with fits and convulsions.

Now, with the complete support of my amazing family - I am on a mission. I know from past experience none of this will be easy. It will be hard fought every minute of every day.

Yesterday I saw my chiropractor and a diet doctor who I will see once a week. She will chart my progress and we will work thru this together. Sure, I have been thru all this before. But this time, it has to be different. The back issue has scared the holy shit out of me. Nothing motivates better than fear and pain.

In these first days, I will do my best to not be a complete cranky dick.

The diet is an amalgam of zone, atkins and actually a lot of programs that have worked for many people. Any diet works if you follow it. So, let's be frank, it's about dedication, perseverance and commitment.

This program is essentially 12-16 ounces of protein a day and 6 ounces of fruits and veggies a day to start. So, this morning, it was egg whites and onions with some freshly chopped basil and two pieces of turkey bacon.

I received a hydroponic herb garden for the holidays and it is alive with all sorts of tasty herbs - 2 kinds of basil, mint, chives, thyme,dill, oregano, sage and italian parsley, etc... So the herbs are now mature enough to start cooking with and I plan to use them - alot.

I will be drinking tons of water and I hope to begin my workouts again as soon as the doc says I can.

So the journey begins...

It will be reduced food and exercise. No stomach surgery, just a long, long road.

I know that in many ways my lifetime of experience would suggest that I am setting myself up to fail. That is why I plan to post notes. I hope it keeps me honest and motivated without setting unreasonable expectations of success.

I will not share my starting weight, but I will share my weekly total of pounds shed or gained.

At some point, I may reveal my starting weight, but I am not brave enough to admit that to the world now...

So - off we go... I am about to head off to Bristol Farms to stock up on the things i can eat....


copyright, Steve Elzer, 2009


  1. Respect on your diet! Keep on going.. Gezondheid

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  3. Great job! I'm really happy for you, it's a real experience that you could made it through with your dedication, perseverance and commitment, as you say, and of course, I'm sure your friends and family helped too.