Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding My Way Back Home

Friday I go back to the doctor. I feel a bit like Charlie Sheen going back to rehab, except without that psychotic history of beating the shit out of a lot of women.

I know I have gained a bit. Nothing too nuts (i hope), but enough to feel it and know i need to return to basics. Getting back on the horse is harder than I thought.


  1. after seeing you this past weekend for the first time since you initiated this life changing project, i can only say to your other readers that the pictures you post don't do justice to the unbelievable transformation you've made. and then to learn that your goal is to lose 40 pounds more, i was astounded! dude, you'll be a ghost, but i'm thrilled for your success. that was no low cal dinner we consumed saturday night, but neither was it out of balance or an ultimate detriment to where you are still going. don't ignore the blog. use it to help keep your focus, and we'll remain steadfast in our support.

  2. You rock! I am continuing on my own journey and am thrilled to see an update from you -
    it seems the longer I wait between making "good" choices (eating, exercise, nicotine!) - the harder it is to get back on track. I have quit trying to beat my self up and take each day at a time. At the end of the day I reflect on the GOOD things I did and forgive myself of the bad. I feel like I am though punishing myself for not living up tp my own standards - You have done amazing things. Life happens. Make your choices each day...Proud of you!

  3. Thanks, Rothko and Someday... Truly appreciate your love and support.